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Your Captain
Hi, my name is Frank Moore. I was born and raised in uptown New Orleans, Louisiana with my older brother Harry. My Uncle Abe Manheim introduced us to fishing at the age of 3. Uncle Abe would take Harry and I to the Biloxi Marsh every weekend to hunt and fish.

Our uncle had mastered the Louisiana Marsh better than most people know their local grocery store. Uncle was wise to the ways of the speckled trout, redfish, and ducks and it gave him great joy to pass on his wisdom as we were eager to learn. He won the first Tarpon rodeo held at the mouth of the Mississippi River. He retained and treasured the article and picture featured in the Times Picayune newspaper proclaiming his victory and momentous occasion.
Fishing on the weekends was our life and we spent every weekend in the marsh from the age of 3-18. When they dug the ship channel near Hopedale, Louisiana, my brother bought a boat and we started fishing Breton Sound. We would spend every weekend on Breton Island surf fishing for speckled trout and redfish from The Chandeleur, Curlew, Gossier and Breton Islands.

They did not have a limit at the time and an average trip was 200 pounds of big speckled trout. In those days your catch was measured by the number of boxes of specks caught not number of fish.

For many years it was common to "Fish the Flares" at night. Boats would leave in the evening and arrive at the flares located to the East of the Rocks. The flares would attract bugs and baitfish and the food chain would continue until speckled trout, redfish etc. would arrive. It was a unique experience and a good way to load up the boat on the red fish and big speckled trout. When we got home on the weekend we would have a procession of people come over and give all the fish away.

For 10 years in the 80's I fished Delacroix Island and Point a La Hache. It was time to learn some new territory and expand my knowledge of East of the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet. Having fished all of the marsh, Chandeleur and Breton Sound on the East Side of the Mississippi River, I decided to fish out of Shell Beach. It is right in the middle of the Biloxi Marsh, Hopedale and Delacroix Island which gives me the flexibility to go in any direction to pick the best area according to which way the wind is blowing and tidal change. Taking all of the aforementioned into consideration, the logical choice was to fish out of Shell Beach as a central location.
Capt. Frank has spent a life time learning the marsh in Southeastern Louisiana from the mouth of the Mississippi river to Lake Borgne and all of the marshes in between. He has studied fish habits and patterns in this vast coastal fishing habitat. For many years locals from the area have been calling Capt. Frank for information on where they're biting and what they're biting on. This reputation as the local information source is where the nickname "King" came from. We are now in the process of providing that same level of service on a larger scale. Capt. Frank really enjoys showing and teaching people our area and how to improve their fishing techniques. It gives him great pleasure to see families, young people, elderly, handicapped, and inexperienced as well as experienced fishermen land that big trout or red fish or catch more fish in a day then they believed possible. Creating memories for others to take home and share with others is a great pleasure. Fishing is a way of life in these parts and we are all very fortunate to have the best fishing in the world right in our own back yard. 

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